ERASMUS+ What is it?

​​Travel to one of the partners universities

After BGU has signed an Erasmus+ agreement with an European University, BGU staff members (administrative, tecnical and academic staff) may travel to that University for training or teaching.
(An Erasmus+ Agreement with a European University is being signed only after the EU approval of the Erasmus+ Application done by the European University).

Travels may be for 2 different purposes:

  • - Training (for professional improvement)
  • - Teaching (the invited person has to teach minimum 8 frontal hours).
    A teaching activity may be combined with a training activity during a single period abroad - the minimum number of hours of teaching per week is then reduced to 4 hours.

The hosting program for a Teaching Erasmus+ Mobility must be of minimum 8 frontal teaching hours (this may be at seminars, part of an ongoing course, at graduate student special meeting, extracurriculum special guest lecture, a special professional presentation for staff members…etc)

Erasmus+ program funds are for the cover of travel expenses, living expenses as defined by the European Union. A fixed amount is allocated per mobility, and may vary in each country and University.

Each European University allocates a different number of "Spots" for teaching/training mobility to and from BGU. (See list of spots for BGU staff members)

One week: 5 working ​days +2 days travel.
The mobility should be planned to benefit ​all parties involved from both institutions (host and visitor).
The Process:
  1. Check the list below to see the open opportunities for mobility in our partner Universities
  2. Fill-out the BGU Internal on-line Form 

    Be careful to add your role at BGU and your job description with all your responsibilities as detailed as possible ​(this will help us fi​nd you a host)

    ​ Apply-Now.gif​​

  3. We will help you find a host at the University of your choise;
  4. Receive an approval from the host university and plan with your host, your mobility program;
  5. Agree on dates for your mobility and upload proof of it, to your application;
  6. Obtain a recommendation letter from your superiors, and have them sign your application
  7. Upload to the on-line system with all the above information​ and add your short CV (in English).
    Applications must be COMPLETED  at least 4 weeks before planned mobility, and not less that 7 working days before committee discussion meeting.
  8. ​An internal BGU committee evaluates all applications and will inform you about its decision

    Applications must be COMPLETED  at least 4 weeks before planned mobility, and before committee discussion meeting, by the following dates:

  9. Planned dates of Committee' meetings Deadline for staff to submit (ending all the on-line submission by..)
     March 18, 2024  March 11, 2024
     April 15, 2024
     April 4, 2024
     May 20, 2024
     May 9, 2024 ​ (Canceled)
     June 16, ​2024  June 6, 2024​
     July 15, 2024  July 8​, 2024​
     August 14, 2024  August 7​, 2024​
     September 11, 2024  September 4​, 2024​
     October 9, 2024  September 30​, 2024​
     November 6, 2024  October 30​, 2024​
     December 11, 2024  December 4, 2024​

  10. ​If you have been approved, follow the instructions you received in the approval letter
  11. If you have been rejected, you may try to apply to another university.​

Email for questions or help needed.