Due to the current situation regarding the global outbreak of the Covid-19, Israel government has declared the state of emergency. BGU has decided to cancel all incoming and outgoing mobilities of students and faculty from or to BGU, for academic purposes from March 8th, 2020 and until further notice.  
This decision has been taken with the intent to do the utmost in order for the University to continue with its research and teaching, and with concern for the health of those entering campus. 

To be clear; this relates to any travel plans by groups or by individuals. 

Updates concerning COVID_19 situation may be found at:

The Program 
A platform for extensive collaboration related to your occupation @ BGU.
The Program provides a fixed amount to support personal expenses and the flight ticket, according to the country of the host university.

One week: 5 working ​days +2 days travel.

  1. Training mobility: Professional training in the area of your expertise​.      or
  2. Teaching mobility: A minimum teaching period of 8 hours is required. 
The mobility should be planned to benefit ​all parties involved from both institutions (host and visitor).

The Process:
  1. Check the list below to see the open opportunities for mobility in our partner Universities
  2. Get in touch with a colleague from the relevant University, and propose a cooperation
  3. Receive an approval from the host university and plan with him your mobility program.
  4. Agree on dates for your mobility and receive an approval from the host university
  5. Fill-out the BGU Internal Form
  6. Obtain a recommendation letter from your superiors, and have them sign your application
  7. Email with all the above information​ and add your CV (in English).
    Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before planned mobility.
  8. ​An internal BGU committee evaluates all applications and will inform you about its decision
  9. If you have been approved, follow the instructions you received in the approval letter
  10. If you have been rejected, you may try to apply to another university.​