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The Jacob Blaustein
Institutes for Desert Research
Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research

Department of Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology
Gross, Amit (Chair)
Kaplan, Drora (Retired)
Oron, Gideon (Emeritus)
Soares, Ines (Retired)
Sorek, Shaul (Emeritus)
Issar, Arie (Emeritus)
Department for Desalination and Water Treatment
Linder, Charles (Retired)
Messalem, Rami (Retired)
Oren, Yoram (Emeritus)
Belfer, Sofia (Retired)
 French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands
 The Swiss Institute for Dryland Environmental and Energy Research
Marco and Louise Mitrani Department of Desert Ecology
Ayal, Yoram (Retired)
Lubin, Yael (Emeritus)
Pinshow, Berry (Emeritus)
Alexandre Yersin Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics
Burde, Georgy I. (Emeritus)
Faiman, David  (Emeritus)
Gordon, jeffrey M. (Emeritus)
Kudish, Abraham  (Retired)
Offer, Zvi (Emeritus)
Zangvil, Avraham (Emeritus)
Zarmi, Yair (Emeritus)
Bona Terra Department of Man in the Desert 
Schwartz, Moshe (Retired)