Innovation happens when ideas meet ability! The campuses of Ben Gurion University are exactly the place to try to realize the wildest fantasies and dreams and test the craziest inventions 'for real'!
The Green Campus Living Lab Project transforms the campuses of Ben Gurion University in the Negev into a research arena for practical sustainability. We invite the public to submit proposals for field research, a pilot, a prototype, or a practical experiment in the sustainability field that can be carried out in the coming months!

Why become involved?

Applying research excellence and innovation for reducing the institution's environmental impact.
To advance practical and sustainable solutions to organizational and everyday environmental issues.
Finding innovative ways to achieve the environmental policy goals of Ben Gurion University.
Producing a new scientific contribution that can be anchored in the real world (not in laboratory conditions).

The Green Campus Living Lab Project offers financial support for projects or applied research that will use Ben-Gurion University's campus grounds or facilities as a research arena for practical sustainability in one or more (but not only) of the following areas:

010-global warming.png​​Dealing with the climate crisis
008-smart house.png​​Changes in human activity patterns016-plant leaf.png​Ecos​ystem research
check.png​Reducing the carbon footprint of public bodies
check.pngReducing use and increasing efficiency in resource consumption
check.pngAdaptating buildings for climatic efficiency and building green
check.pngAdaptating to climate change
check.pngBetter treatment of waste and sewage
check.pngConservating energy
check.pngSustainable mileage solutions
check.pngInter-organizational and intra-organizational circular economy
check.pngAdopting sustainable consumption patterns
check.pngIncreasing environmental awareness
check.pngOrganizing sustainable behavior
check.pngIncreasing biodiversity in urban areas
check.pngIncreasing biodiversity in desert and arid environments
check.pngExamining interactions between humans and the natural system
check.pngAdvancing biotechnological and nanotechnological developments
check.pngCreating sustainable urban environment

What is our support?

Research and projects of an applied nature that relate to the detailed areas of interest, or in the spirit of the principles of sustainability, that will use the facilities of Ben-Gurion University's campuses as a 'living laboratory' (that is, a platform for experimentation, research, or application) and are found suitable will receive assistance in one or more of the following ways:

star2.jpgAssistance in financing the project or research

star2.jpgAccess to university data

star2.jpgAssistance in using the university infrastructure (equipment, space, facilities, etc.) that is relevant to the conduct of the research or project

star2.jpgAssignment of professional guidance from the university or other company - following the project's requirements​

Projects in progress

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How can I participate?

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Interested? For more details and questions please contact us at