As part of the effort to reduce waste and the environmental impact of the university, and in particular, to reduce the use of disposable tableware, Green Campus has provided the university community with a set of reusable utensils to use at events and conferences on campus grounds.

Our kit includes a variety of utensils and provides a solution for meetings, seminars, events, and conferences for up to 100 people. To request the kit, organizers can fill out an online form detailing the type and quantity of items requested.

Please note:

V.jpgThe kit is borrowed free of charge - but collecting and returning a clean kit is the borrower's responsibility.

V.jpgGreen Campus does not provide washing or transport services for the kit.

V.jpgThe Green kit is dairy (can be used only for dairy products, no meat) but not kosher.

V.jpgThe kit is intended for use by the university community within the university's boundaries only! We do not lend the kit for private events.

V.jpgIt is recommended to make the order at least a week in advance of the date of the event!

V.jpgFor bigger events (more than 100 people) or events that take place in the KK"L building (13) please contact Cochy Abuharon for the institute's reusable kit:​​

The kit in Sede Boqer campus includes (all utensils are Stainless Steel):
Forks fork-in-diagonal.png
Plates hot-food.png

Teaspoons Table forks Big – 23 cm 330 ml
  Dessert forks Small – 18 cm​

just-logo.pngFor details on the kit in Beer Sheva campus >>

How do you borrow?

1. Fill out the form​ as needed

2. Pick up the kit from Anat or Einat's office in BIDR administration building (Building 21, Human Resources, rooms 004 and 005) during their working hours: Sunday-Thursday 08:30-15:30. In case they won't be there they will notify you.

How do you return?

1. Return the kit to Anat's or Einat's office on the returning date you noted in the form, during their working hours.

2. The kit must be returned clean, dry, and in good condition so it could be used again.

3. Using the dishwasher: For a large number of dishes you can use the campus dishwasher situated in the kitchen room of KK"L building (Building 13 on the right). We will contact you after filling the form for further details.

4. If the kit is returned dirty or with missing items - the borrower will be charged for the costs of cleaning or the missing items.
We make great efforts to increase the availability of the kit - please make sure to return it clean and intact!

​​​​​​​I want to order the kit! 002-planet earth.png​​​

We thank you for your contribution to preserving the planet!​