Studies towards the MSc Degree
Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
The MSc program at the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences is a research degree with thesis, designed to impart research skills and professional competence in a variety of fields in geology and environmental science.
The study program is subject to rules and regulations set by the Faculty of Natural Sciences, including awarding of credit points and eligibility for scholarships and teaching assistantships.  Additional departmental regulations are summarized in this section.
Terms of acceptance
1.       Students with a BSc in Geological and Environmental Science with a grade point average of 80 or above. Promising students with grades near 80 may approach the graduate student committee for a special evaluation.
2.       Students with a BSc in other natural sciences, with grade point average of 80 or above, or a first degree in engineering with grade average of 80 in their last two years of studies, can be accepted provisionally. A program of supplementary studies in geology and environmental studies at BSc level will be set by the prospective thesis supervisor.  Generally a full academic year is required until acceptance in good standing to the MSc research degree program.
3.       Excellent students with high grade point average who have completed a BA degree in humanities and social sciences can be accepted provisionally pending completion of a program of studies, generally two years long, at first concentrating on natural sciences at the BSc level, followed by additional courses in geology and environmental sciences as in 2 above.
4.       New immigrants and other students with a BSc degree from abroad may be accepted following evaluation of their academic background and grades and comparison to the program at BGU. Proficiency in English and Hebrew is required at the level determined by the university and Natural Science Faculty, and by the research supervisor.
5.       The degree tracks of environmental sciences/oceanography and engineering geology may require additional specialized courses at the BSc level.
6.       The MSc degree is a research degree with thesis and acceptance is conditional upon joining the research team of a staff member from the onset. Acquiescence of the staff member to serve as supervisor remains provisional until the second semester in good standing. A prospective research advisor is necessary for students in programs 2 and 3 above as well, to set the course work of the supplementary program.