​The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at BGU consists of senior faculty members engaged in cutting edge basic and applied research in the earth sciences, in environmental geology, engineering geology, paleobiology and petroleum geosciences. The department provides quality degrees with emphasis on Dynamic Geology (plate tectonics, neotectonics, structural geology, geomorphology, geophysics, sedimentology, stratigraphy and microfacies), Environmental Geology (geochemistry, ground water hydrology, oceanography), Engineering Geology (rock mechanics, soil mechanics, geotechnical earthquake engineering), Palaeontology (paleobiology, paleoceanography, paleoclimates, paleoecology). Undergraduate students may major in one of these tracks for in-depth training in the discipline of their choice.​
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​​Graduate students can major in one of four M. Sc. tracks -- general, environmental or engineering geology programs; petroleum geosciences is pending. PhD students are registered in the Kreitman School but perform research under close supervision of senior faculty members in the department's state of the art, well equipped research laboratories, and in the field.

Our alumni can be found at top universities worldwide as senior faculty members, post doctorate fellows and graduate students, as well as employees and managers in leading research institutions, in governmental organizations, in private consulting firms, in defence, in mineral and petroleum industries, in Israel and abroad.

We encourage international students to come to Israel and join us as undergraduate and graduate students, or as post-doctoral scholars. Graduate courses with participating international students are taught in English. Competitive funding possibilities for international PhD and post-doctoral fellowships are now available.

On behalf of our teaching and research faculty and administrative staff I welcome you to join the BGU family by enrolling in our academic programs, or by conducting post-doctoral research together with our senior faculty members. Our friendly and professional administrative staff will do their best to assist overseas students in the enrolment procedure. Please feel free to contact our faculty members directly by e-mail regarding either academic degree tracks or research opportunities.​