​​​​​Office holders in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
Prof. Yaron Katzir -           Head of Department, Geological and E​nvironmental Sciences
Prof. Sigal Abramovich               Chair, Undergraduate teaching committee

Prof. Liran Goren ​- Director, Committee for undergraduate admissions​

Dr. Itai Haviv     Chair, Graduate and research students committee
Academic advisors
Prof. Yaron Katzir -                Dynamic Geology track
Prof. Orit Sivan -                    Environmental Geology and Hydrology track
Prof. Michael Tsesarsky -       Engineering Geology track
                                             Geology and Computer Sciences track
                                             Dual degree program with Computer Sciences
Prof. Sigal Abramovich -        Geology and Biology track
                                             Dual degree program with Life Sciences
Mrs. Racheli Shimon -                  Administrative coordinator and graduate student affairs
Mrs. Zahala Sharabi -           Secretary for undergraduate student affairs