​Graduate study program:
The Masters of Science (M.Sc.) program in Geology opened in 1971, changed to Geology and Mineralogy in 1975, and to Geological and Environmental Sciences in 1997. Changes in name of the Department and research emphasis has been in response to changing national and global priorities. Appointments of scientists with varied interests in environmental, engineering, and biological issues, resulted in this shift of research emphasis in the Department towards the current directions. 
The main goal of a research university is to create and distribute new knowledge and ideas in science, in this case, in the geological and environmental sciences. Departmental research touches on almost all of the leading fields in Earth sciences, from classical geologic disciplines to current environmental issues. Part of the research continues to be dedicated to applied solutions of national concern, but the larger goal is to ask and explore fundamental questions regarding Earth processes. Examples of current research include: uplift and exhumation of the Himalayan belt, biogeochemistry of methane, and analysis of discontinuous deformation in blocky rock masses.
The Graduate Committee of the Department consists of Dr. Itai Haviv - chair and the current head of the Department.