Eight Ph.D. proposals and one M.A thesis were submitted to the Ben-Gurion Prize for an Excellent research on Migrants' Life. Due to limited funds, the submission was open BGU students and alumnae only. Having reviewed the proposals, the academic committee decided to offer four prizes. The prizes were bestowed on the recipients in a zoom seminar, facilitated by Dr. Julia Lerner and Dr. Galia Plotkin Amrami.
  • To Yuri Keum

    an international exchange Ph.D. student from South Korea at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the study of Israel and Zionism.​​

    Thesis title: Children's Citizenship in Ethno-Republics: The Cases of Germany, South Korea, and Israel.​​
  • To Haim Biton

    a Ph.D., student at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the study of Israel and Zionism.

    Haim_Biton.pngThesis title: Community in the Twilight": The Jews of Morocco in the Transition Camps 1947-1956: Organizational, Political, Social and Cultural Circles of Influence and Their Traces in Personal and Collective Memory.

  • To Manya Kagan

    a PhD student at the Department of Education and Department of Politics and Government.  

     Thesis title: Schooling of refugee children in Kampala, Uganda.
  • To Vicky Ashkenazi

    MA alumni, at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

     Thesis title: On the renewed awakening of ethnic art in Israel