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"Art in Migration" - Exhibit


How do immigrant artists experience migration? How do their works reflect their memories, fears, and hopes, their encounters with the new country and their longings for the old one? How are all of these translated into color, form, and texture?      

The exhibition introduces visitors to the different ways in which artists, who replaced one homeland with another, engage – through their art – in a discourse between their new home in Israel and their former homeland.
 On the one extreme we find those who defy Israeliness and protest: "the more you want me to be like others, the more will I stress my uniqueness" (Eliahou Eric Bokobza). On the opposite extreme we find those who attempt "to combine the two worlds and create something whole" (Giordana, Alex Tubis, Sofie Berzon MacKie).
​ In between, are those who preserve the past through 
their art (Daniella Meller, Margalit Shelly, Tasfaye Tegegne). Some of them are aware that this is the only path available to them (Khader Oshah), the only way to be "saved" (Nora Stanciu).
Others are almost unaware of their choice (Michael Elkayam). And there are those who through their art, respond not only to their own migration, but also to the Israeli reality that is forever changing: "what I'm finding slowly, slowly, slowly is that as I'm becoming more Israeli, Israel is changing and softening a little bit…" (Andi Arnovitz).


Curators: Prof. Haim Maor and Prof. Julia Mirsky

Interviewers: Vicky Ashkenazy, Elena Fominykh, Lera Itskovich, Keren Kouznitz, Matan Rabinowitz, Ofir Tzukerman

Coordinator: Dvorah Kremer

"Art in Migration​" – E​xhibit Booklet