Ashkenazi, Vicky, M.A.
​On the renewed awakening of ethnic art in Israel

Ezer Na'ama, M.A.
Social aspects of the urban renewal project in the Gimel neighborhood, Beersheba.
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Frenkel, Eliza, M.A.
Personal emotions and collective memories of post-Soviet young generation

​Gorin, Marom, Ph.D.
Between the hammer and the sickle - The fatherhood experience of immigrants from the former Soviet Union to Israel - one and a half generations old.

Kagan, Mania Ph.D.Candidate
The schooling of refugee children in Uganda. Department of Education

Keissar Sugarman, Ayala, Ph.D.
Ethno-national categories of identity in the narratives of mixed origin Jewish Russian-speaking youngsters in Israel .

Knaifel, Evgeni, Ph.D.
Between survival and adaptation: Narratives of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel, caring for a family member with a severe mental illness

Netzer, Dror, Ph.D.
The experiences of social workers in therapy with culturally different clients

Shain, Julia, Ph.D.
Russian immigrant mothers – first and 1.5 immigrant generation

​Luda Rubinstein, Ph.D
Five year follow up on Immigrant families from the former Soviet Union