Jamaa.jpgPublished jointly by the department and the Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies for nearly a quarter century, Jama'a (“group, gathering, cohort​") is a peer-reviewed, Hebrew-language journal edited by students in collaboration with leading scholars from BGU and other Israeli universities. Established to expand and enrich Israeli academic discourse on the history, cultures, politics, religions, and literatures of the wider region, Jama'a connects scholars from across the spectrum of Middle East research and creates a vibrant community of shared inquiry and interest.

Every issue of Jama'a contains original articles on diverse subjects of research, Hebrew tran​slations of important articles published in foreign languages, and articles devoted to literary and artistic figures who play key roles in Middle Eastern cultures. Issues also contain reviews of books on Middle Eastern subjects and a summary of the latest research in Arabic, Turkish, and Persian, whose goal is to bring the Israeli researchers into the wider region's academic conversation. Finally, Jama'a's “Starting Point" section provides students and scholars alike with a platform to explore ideas in their initial stages, as a first step toward developing them into significant works of research.

To browse past copies of the journal, interested readers are invited to visit the Hebrew site​