Candidates to the department's regular and one-year international M.A. programs who are not citizens of Israel can apply online through BGU's English-language application system. Note that international M.A. students' applications are handled by BGU International, and Ph.D. students' applications by the Kreitman School for Advanced Graduate Studies. Both these offices' staffs actively support candidates throughout the entire admissions process, as well as assist with campus housing, health insurance, and scholarships.


Before beginning the admissions process, candidates should select the study track for which they wish to apply. Information on study tracks can be found on the M.A. Studies, One-Year International M.A., and Ph.D. Studies​ pages on this site, and candidates are welcome to contact Department Secretary Aliza Swissa at with further questions.

Along with reviewing the entry criteria, required documents, and order of operations described on this page, candidates are encouraged to contact BGU International and the Kreitman School directly with inquiries and requests for assistance.

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