Named for the iconic IDF general, lawyer, politician, and sixth president of the State of Israel, the Chaim Herzog Center supports academic activities that contribute to a more accurate discourse about the Middle East, with the goal of fostering understanding and building a basis for peaceful relations.

Along with financial support for research projects, including scholarships and grants for both students and faculty, the Herzog Center facilitates the translation into Hebrew of seminal research on the Middle East, hosts visiting scholars from Israel and abroad, and initiates workshops, conferences, seminars, and film screenings on the region's cultures, religions, and societies. The Herzog Center also supports the publication, together with the Middle East Studies Department, of the respected academic journal Jama'a, and encourages the writing of articles, opinion pieces, and reporting on major events in the Middle East.

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To learn more about the criteria for a Chaim Herzog Center scholarship or participation in a scholarly residency or visiting scholar's program, candidates are invited to contact Tal Sela, the administrative coordinator for the center, at