​​​One-Year International M.A. Program in Middle East Studies. 

Our department offers two MA programs. The regular program described here is intended mainly for students residing in Israel. If you do not reside in Israel and are interested in our one-year MA Program (MAPMES).
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MA.jpgThe department's two-year M.A. program offers candidates with a background in either Middle East studies or other academic disciplines an opportunity to develop expertise in the region's rich history, cultures, sociology, and literature and to gain a nuanced understanding of its conflicts and politics. In particular, and as befits the department's unique vantage point, students acquire specialized knowledge of Jews and Christians in Islam; the development of Islam and nationalism in the Middle East; the society, laws, and legacy of the Ottoman Empire; the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and Arabic.

Students may choose a research track with thesis or a general track without. Students in the general track sit for comprehensive exams at the end of their second year, while those in the research track write a dissertation on a topic of their choosing under the guidance of a member of the department's faculty. If you are interested this option, you are encouraged to review carefully our core faculty​ profiles, which list the research interests and approaches of each. You will be asked to identify a dissertation advisor from among our department's core faculty as part of the admissions process.

A unique and much-loved feature of the program is a yearly trip to a different Middle Eastern or North African country, for which students receive credit toward their degrees. Students are also an integral part of the department's academic activities, including conferences, workshops, seminars, and faculty book launches, as well as in its Middle East culture club, “Arabesque." You can learn more about the department's vibrant academic atmosphere on the other pages of this website.

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