Spring Semester 2020




​May 12, 2020

Zoom Seminar

​Micha Silver, Dept. of Environmental physics and Solar Energy

J.Blaustein Institutes for Desert research, BGU


Improved Precipitation Grids Derived from Microwave Link Attenuation.

​May 13, 2020

Zoom Seminar

​Prof. Lioz Etgar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Institute of Chemistry, Casali Center for Applied Chemistry, Jerusalem, Israel


​Perovskite and their applications in photovoltaic cells, nanostructures, semitransparency and low dimensional perovskite

​June 2, 2020

Zoom seminar

​Dr. Shimrit Maman, Geography department,


Using a single band Nano Satellite for Earth Observations (EO): Lessons learnt from BGUSAT

​June 3, 2020

at 16:00

Zoom seminar

​Dr. Victor Yashunsky, from Laboratoire Physico-Chimie Curie, Institut Curie, Paris

​Multicellular Systems Organize as Active Nematic Liquid Crystals

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​June 9, 2020

Oded Hod, Department of Physical Chemistry, School of Chemistry, The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences Science, Tel Aviv University

Modeling Interlayer Interactions in Layered Materials

​June 10, 2020

Dr. Udi Stroba, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland, College Park, Global Modeling and Assimilation Office, NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, USA

​High-Frequency Oscillations and Submesoscale Frontal Dynamics at the Air-Sea Interface

​June 16, 2020

Zoom seminar

​Eran Edri, Department of Chemical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

​Core-Shell Micro-Tube Array for Closing the Artificial Photosynthesis Cycle on a Nanometer Scale

​June 17, 2020

Zoom seminar

​ Itamar Sela, Computational Biology Branch, NCBI, NLM, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA

​Theory of bacterial genome evolution

​June 23, 2020

Zoom seminar

​Alex Furman, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering afurman@technion.ac.il

​Geo-electrical investigations in soil and hydrological

​June 24, 2020

at 16:00

Zoom seminar

Nava Leibovich, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From the Stationary State to Transition Rates and Vice Versa: Resolving the Stationary Distributions for Competing Populations with Predefined Rates, and the Inverse Problem; Inferring Transition Rates from  Stationary Distributions



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