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Alexandre Yersin Department of Solar
Energy and Environmental Physics (YDSEEP)
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Fall Semester 2021-2022


​Oct. 19, 2021

​Yevgeny Rakita Shlafstein,

Columbia Uni.

​Mapping Structural Heterogeneity at the Nanoscale with Scanning Nano-structure Electron Microscopy (SNEM)

​Oct. 26, 2021

​Yaniv Gelbstein,

Ben Gurion University

​Optimization of thermoelectric materials and devices

​Nov. 2, 2021

​Eli Barkai,

Bar Ilan

​The Fractional diffusion-advection-asymmetry equation for transport in strongly random media

​Nov. 9, 2021

​Yochai Bar Sinai,

Tel Aviv University


​Nov. 16, 2021

​Shmuel Rubinstein,

Hebrew University


​Nov. 23, 2021

​Avraham Kribus,

Tel Aviv University


​Nov. 30, 2021

​Haim Diamant,

Tel Aviv University

​Inferring entropy from the structure of particulate systems

Dec. 7, 2021

​Dec. 14, 2021

​Eli Tziperman,



​Dec. 21, 2021

​Arjen Doelman,



​Dec. 28, 2021

​Yevgeny Bar-Lev,

Ben Gurion University


​Jan. 4, 2022

​Jan. 11, 2022

​Shay Kinast,

Nuclear Research Center

​Next Generation Nuclear Power Reactors.


​​​Seminar coordinators:
Dr. Ido Regev​​
Time: 11:00
Place: Lecture Room - Physics building (entrance floor)