Spring Semester 2024


April 30 2024​​
Lioz Etgar, HUJIChirality and piezoelectricity in low dimensional perovskite and Fully printable solar cells
May 7 2024Yaron Amouyal, TechnionNew frontiers in thermoelectric materials design for waste heat harvesting
May 21 2024Prof. Ofer Feinerman, Weizmann

May 28 2024 TBD
June 4 2024Brian Rosen, TAU
Bridging Materials Science and Chemical Engineering: Exploiting Phase Diagrams for Catalyst Design
June 18 2024Amro Sweedan, BGU
Concluding​ Ph.D seminar
June 25 2024
Yvgeny Rakita, BGU 
(Solar Energy)​​

Managing Heterogeneity in Disordered Materials: A Crucial Strategy for Directing Their Evolution
Dr. Evgeniy Boyko, Technion
(Environmental physics)
July 2 2024Adi Salomon, BIU
(Solar Energy)​​

​Mr. Shahar Feder, BGU
(Environmental physics)​​​
​Concluding​ Ph.D seminar
July 9 2024Dr. Hillel Aharoni, Weizmann

July 16 2024Tamar Makov, BGU