​Spring Semester 2022


​Mar. 22, 2022

​Ran Aharoni,

Biological Research Center

​Thee know that man doth not live by bread only: Identification of condensed contaminations for agriculture, security, and environmental protection

Mar. 29, 2022


Apr. 52022

Guy Bunin, 


Simplicity in high-dimensional dynamics of ecosystems​​

​Apr. 12, 2022

Yoav Lahini, 

Tel Aviv University

​Memories, criticality and coupled instabilities in crumpled sheets​

​Apr. 26, 2022

Ron Folman, 

Ben Gurion  University


​May. 3, 2022

Jay Fineberg, 

Hebrew University

The Fundamental Physics of the Onset of Frictional Motion: How does friction start?​

​May. 10, 2022

​Nir Gavish, 


Population-level implications of the Israeli booster campaign to curtail COVID-19 resurgence

​May. 17, 2022

Yonatan Sivan, 

Ben Gurion University 

"Hot" electrons – when they matter, and when they do not​​

​May. 24, 2022

Klaus Kroy,
University of Leipzig

Why are sand deserts not flat?

Jun. 7, 2022

​Sumesh Sadhujan, 

Ben Gurion University

Fabrication and Surface-Functionalization of Semiconductor Nano/micro rod arrays​

​Jun. 14, 2022

​Naomi Oppenhei mer, 

Tel Aviv University

Structural states and conservation laws in confined
​active systems​

​Jun. 21, 2022 

​Shai Kinest

Design and Development of Advanced Nuclear Reactors​

​Jun. 28, 2022

Moshe Zilberman,  

Azriely academic college of engineering​

The Integration of Optimized Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines  (VAWT)