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Academic status

Senior Lecturer


Short introduction

Elucidating plant metabolic processes under biotic stress is critical for improving plant resistance and increasing crop yield and food security. Therefore, I seek to understand the metabolic processes involved in plant defense mechanisms. During my Ph.D. at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, I conducted research on the interphase between primary metabolism toward the production of specialized metabolism under various environmental cues. In my postdoctoral training at the Boyce Thompson Institute in New York, I studied different aspects of maize-insect interaction. I focused on understanding the regulation of benzoxazinoid biosynthesis and the phytohormones signaling in response to aphid and caterpillar feeding.


My long-term goal is to identify genes and molecular markers that are suitable for controlling agricultural pests and generating resistant plants. This knowledge is also critical for uncovering the effects of multiple biotic and abiotic stresses of dryland plants.


Research interest: plant-insect interaction

·         Plant defense metabolites under insect feeding

·         Alteration of central metabolism toward production of specialized metabolism

·         Benzoxazinoid biosynthesis in wheat and barley

·         Combinatory effects of both aphid and drought on plants



·         Plants: monocots such as wheat, barley, setaria and maize

·         Insects: piercing/sucking insects such as aphids and chewing caterpillars



·         Molecular biology: gene expression (RNA-seq), gene silencing (VIGS) and overexpression

·         Analytical chemistry: small molecules (metabolites)

·         Bioinformatics: large-scale data analysis

·         Genetics: QTLs of bi-parental families and near isogenic lines

·         Biochemistry: enzyme activities

·         Insect bioassays: choice and none-choice, insect from different feeding guilds


Want to join?

Our lab is a young and vibrant. We are looking for highly motivated and ambitious master, Ph.D. students and postdocs to join the lab. You can take a part of our current projects or have your own exciting research proposal.


List of Publications

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