Fall Semester 2020-2021

Seminars are held Wednesdays @11:30 via ZOOM

128/10/2020Dr. Zipora Tietel, AROTef as a semiarid Superfood
24/11/2020Debasish Saha, University of Tennessee KnoxvilleSignificance, Mitigation, and Prediction of the Laughing Gas (N2O) – A No Laughing Matter!
311/11/2020Arnon Dag, AROLong-term irrigation of olive orchard with reclaimed wastewater
425/11/2020Dan Gamrasni, MIGALThe regulation of the climacteric ripening response in tomatoes
52/12/2020Eugenio Diaz-Pines, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, ViennaBiogeochemical effects of repeated soil drying-wetting cycles in a beech forest. A long-term manipulation study
69/12/2020Jingbo Zhen, Ph.D seminar, FAABFeedbacks between water and carbon balances in date palms under different irrigation and fruit load regimes
716/12/2020Maria Dolores Camalle, Ph.D seminar, FAABCharacterization of compatible and incompatible melon graft combinations
823/12/2020Shmulik Friedman, AROReview and evaluation of root respiration and of natural and agricultural processes of soil aeration
930/12/202030/12 Ji Hyun Kim Ph.D seminar, FAABTranslating diatom grazer defense mechanism to anti-parasitic treatment in monogenean infection on guppies