Sustainable Agricultural Solutions Summer Course is an intensive (4 weeks) course that offers international students the opportunity to explore a combination of both basic and applied research in agricultural and environmental topics during frontal lessons, practical aspects of the topics, and integration between them.​The course will provide access to cutting-edge knowledge and technology related to agricultural practices in the perspective of improving food and water use worldwide, in the face of global climate changes.

The course is composed of four main areas:

​​Soil and atmosphere

Plants under abiotic and biotic stresses

Aquaculture (fish and microalgae)

Precision agriculture

​The students will participate in frontal classes of each track. A combination of field and laboratory work will provide hands-on experiences that will be presented by the students in a concluding seminar.

The program includes cultural events during which students will have the opportunity to socialize with local students and weekly tours to discover Israeli culture and history.



This course is open to registered B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. students. Registration will be open in February 2025.

For any inquieries contact: agricourse@post.bgu.ac.il​  ​


February 2025 Registration open – April 2025 Registration Deadline​​.​

Course tuition, accommodation, and scholarships:

Course tuition, accommodation, and scholarships:

Application Fee (not refundable) 20 $

The cost of the course is $ 2000, which includes accommodation, meals, transportation from/to the airport, and tuition (300$). Applicants may apply for scholarships: 

Type A1: award of $1700

Type A2: award of $1500

Type B1: award of $1000

Type C1: award of $800

Type C2: award of $500

The students will be accommodated in a shared  apartment (with kitchenettes and bathrooms) 

upon a $ 200 returnable deposit.​