Spring Semester 2019

Seminars are held Wednesdays @11:30 in the Old Seminar Room

27/02/2019Alena Litchman, MSU“Using traits to understand microbial community responses to global change and other perturbations”
06/03/2019Tamir Klein, WIS “The quest for deciphering tree drought resistance"
13/03/2019Ron Porat, AROReduction of fruit and vegetables losses by retail packaging
20/03/2019Dror Minz, AROMicrobiome: from ecology to practice
03/04/2019Asaf Levi, HUJIA computational and molecular journey to discover genes underlying bacterial adaptation to plants and inter-bacterial competition
10/04/2019Amir Szitenberg, Dead Sea Science CenterTemporal dynamics of the rhizosphere microbiome under root-nematode infection
01/05/2019Noga Waissman-Levy,FAAB, BGUTrophic conversion of Haematococcus pluvialis
15/05/2019Oren Shelef, AROApplied Agroecology
22/05/2019Board of Trustees--------------
23/05/2019Itzik Mizrahi, BGUGenetic and Epigenetic Regulation of Gender Expression in Dioecious Mercurialis annua L.
29/05/2019Yariv Brotman, BGUMapping the Arabidopsis metabolic landscape by untargeted metabolomics at different environmental conditions
05/06/2019Shay Covo, HUJIThe DNA damage response of a fungal plant pathogen
12/06/2019Eran Tas, HUJIThe bi-directional relationship of photochemical air-pollution and plants
19/06/2019Even Ari Symposium --------------