Wyler Department for Dryland Agriculture

French Associates Institute for Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands

Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Sede Boqer Campus, 84990, Israel


Phone: +972-8-6596894
Fax: +972-8-6596757


Research Interests


Runoff generation, infiltration and evaporation

Soil-water-plant interactions




M. Sc.            1981, in Hydrogeology and Civil Geology.

                     Azerbaijan Oil Academy.


Ph.D.              1988, in Hydrogeology. The USSR Academy of Science, 
                     Institute of Water Problems and Azerbaijan State University.


Recent articles

Sheng, Z; Carmi, G.,; Berliner, P. 2013.  The role of water collecting area design in efficiency of rainwater harvesting on microcatchments. Journal of Arid Environment (accepted to publication).

Abudi, I, Carmi G., P. Berliner 2012. Rainfall simulator for field runoff studies. Journal of Hydrology 454–455.

Carmi, G. and P. Berliner, 2009. The effect of soil crust on the generation of runoff on small plots in an arid environment. Catena 74(1):37-42.



Professional Activities:

- Scientific manuscript reviewer for Journal of Hydrology

- Consulting for companies: hydrology and enhanced oil recovery



Carmi, G. Berliner, P. 2012. The system for grape controllable freezing on vine and method of ice wine production thereof. Patent-pending

Carmi. G., Ass.  2003. Method and apparatus for dislodging accured deposits from the vessel. US patent # 6,630,032

Carmi. G., Ass., Y, Slez., L. 2001. Gas Impulse Device and method of use thereof. Australian  patent # 56454/99

Carmi. G., Ass., Y, Slez., L. 2001. Gas Impulse Device and method of use thereof. US patent# 6,250,388