Born: 1943, Morocco

Ph.D: Ph.D.: 1984, Ben-Gurion Univ.; Research Grade A 1998 .

Research Interests:

Nitrogen fixation by nonsymbiotic bacteria associated with grasses. Biosynthesis of polyamines in tomato, rice and Chlorella. Production of valuable biochemicals from microalgae . Microalgae as a soil biofertilizer. Outdoor microalgae cultivation. Large scale cultivation of microalgae in polyethylene sleeves. Disposable bioreactors for bioremediation of environmental pollutants. Water purification using natural bioflocculants produced from microalgae. Development of process for microalgae separation.

Research Projects:

Water purification by natural bioflocculants. Removal of suspended particles and toxic contaminants from agricultureal waste water, funding: Ministry of the Environment. Development of process for the production of a dry powder of the microalga Dunaliella containing 2-6% b-carotene. Optimization of the cultivation, separation and drying methods, funding: Minapro Company Ltd. Development of large scale purification process for waste water from cattle sheds and milking plant using bioflocculants from microlagae, funding: Ministry of Environment Quality. Water purification by natural bioflocculants for removal of heavy metals, funding: Harry Stern Fund for Applied Research. Optimization of bioflocculant production by different species of blue green algae, funding: Minapro Company Ltd.  

Recent Publications:

  • Cohen, E., Sintov, A. & Shabtai, Y. Purification of waste water from cattle sheds and milking plants and waste water of biocides from landing strip for light planes used for spraying by novel treatment with natural bioflocculants Semiannual report BGUN-ARI-26-99 : , 1999

  • Cohen, E., Sintov, A. & Shabtai, Y. Water purification by natural bioflocculant removal of suspended particles and toxic contaminants from agricultural wastewater Final report June 1998-June 1999, BGUN-ARI-38-99 : , 1999

  • Cohen, E., Sintov, A. & Shabtai, Y. Development of a new method for Dunaliella separation using natural bioflocculants Final report : , 1999

  • Bar, E., Visnovsky, S. & Cohen, E. Development of our algal biomatrix as a natural solution for improving soil characteristics and for land stabilization Report No. BGUN-ARI-27-98 : , 1998