​Issued to B-1, A-2 and A-4 visas holders wishing to le​ave and return before their visa expires.

B-2 holders, spouses of B-1 holders, may also request a Multiple Entries Visa.


How to obtain a Multiple Entries Visa:

The host needs to sign and stamp the multi visa form.

The internal form is to be fil​led by the host.
The external form must be filled out by the A-2/A-4/B-1/B-2 Visa holder.

The forms must be delivered to BGU International with:

  1. The A-2 visa holder's passport.
  2. A recent photograph (passport size).
  3. 185​ NIS for interior office fee.

Internal form to be filled-in by your academic tutor/host
External form to be filled-in by the guest
Passport Authorization form