​Issued for a short period of time or as an authorization to enter in Israel.
Issued (before arrival or upon arrival at the airport, depending on nationality) to visiting scientists and to accompanying persons.
Granted to researchers on Sabbatical year and to participants in short-term programs such as conferences, Ulpan (Hebrew school), academic meetings, etc.

Granted only to children, husband or wife of trainees, guests and visitors.
For the request of a spouse's visa- a marriage certificate and a birth certificate of the spouse must be presented.
For children's visa- the child's birth certification must be presented.
Only original documents can be presented (or faithful to the original) together with one photocopy of the original.

This visa serves also B-1 spouse.
Holders of B-2 Visa are NOT allowed to work in Israel!

Children of B-​1 visa holders that goes to kindergarten or school, have to apply for an A-2 visa.


How to obtain  a B-2 Visa

In order to enter and stay in Israel, you must obtain an appropriate and up-to-date visa that is in correlation with the purpose of your stay. Please make sure to follow the following steps:

  1. Please contact the visa coordinator at BGU in order to get an assistance with your visa application.
  2. Obtain a health insurance (also possible through the Office of International Academic Affairs).This is a mandatory request.
  3. Obtain an acceptance/explanation letter from BGU.
  4. Visit the closest Israel representation with the acceptance letter and other documents requested by the relevant representation, in order to stamp your passport with the relevant visa.
  5. Send a scanned copy of your health insurance policy, acceptance letter and visa to BGU's Visa Coordinator at BGU International

B-2 Spouses of B-1 visa holders may also apply for an extension​ of their B-2 visa.

Your inviting academic staff member should come to BGU International with the following items (before traveling to Israel)
  1. A written attestation describing your field of studies and the exact period of your stay. Internal form to be filled-in by your inviting academic staff member.)
  2. Your inviting academic staff member should fill in the appropriate external official form for your B-2 visa.
  3. Israeli Shekels 185​ (NIS). Note: fees may change without notice.
  4. A copy of the two first pages of your valid passport.
  5. Spouses of B-1 holders, who asks for a B-2 Visa need also a copy of your Certificate of Marriage.
  6. For children traveling with you, please also provide with a birth certificate.

Internal form to be filled-in by your academic tutor/host
External form to be filled-in by your academic tutor/host
Passport Authorization form