​Valid for one academic year. Can be extended for the period of a student's studies up to one additional academic year. This visa is granted as per request of the institution.

Please note:
Any student who wants to study in Israel must obtain A-2 visa (Student visa) from the Israeli embassy/ consulate in the country of his residence. 

Any student who will enter Israel with a B-2 visa (tourist visa) will not be allowed to change his visa to a student visa in Israel and will be forced to exit Israel, return to his home country and obtain the student visa.
This visa also  serves children of B1 visa holders.

Holders of A-2 Visa are NOT allowed to work in Israel!

How to Extend an A-​2 Visa:

As of August 1, 2017, students and/or researchers who need to extend their visa associated with BGU, will be kindly requested to do so by themselves. The following are the stages of the process:

    1. Complete the forms of the Ministry of Interior and BGU's internal form
    2. Validation of forms at BGU International
    3. Set an appointment with the Ministry of Interior (website) (For English version, click on the globe on top left corner) ​​​​
    4. Go to the Office of the Ministry of the Interior to extend your visa according to your appointment.
    5. Supply a copy of the visa to the ​Department of International Academic Affairs

The following are needed:
  1. A written attestation from your inviting academic staff member describing the scope of your studies and the exact length of your stay. Internal form to be filled-in by your inviting academic staff member.)
  2.  A recent photograph (passport size).
  3. A health insurance policy valid up to the end of the requested period.
  4. 185 NIS Note: fees may change without notice. (The payment is made directly at the Ministry of Interior)
  5. A valid passport.
  6. Fill in the appropriate official form for your visa.​