No city in Israel has more shopping malls per capita than Beer-Sheva. The most popular malls among students are the BIG outdoor shopping mall, Kanyon HaNegev (next to the Central Bus Station) and the Grand Kanyon, which is the largest shopping mall in Israel.

The outdoor malls on Derech Hevron are convenient since they offer entertainment  (bowling, cinema, etc.), eating out, as well as shopping of all kinds (fashion, groceries, hardware and home utilities).

For the location  of all malls, please see the student map that is distributed at the front desk of the International Office.
If you do not like shopping malls, the Old City is a great alternative. There you will find small shops and anything you might need.

You can buy almost anything  in Israel, but often the variety and availability of particular brands is lacking. Everything is subject to an 18% sales tax, which is already included in the printed prices in stores. There is no sales tax in Eilat, which is located next to the Red Sea.

One of the first things you probably want to do after moving into your new home is filling up the fridge. The market is the cheapest option around, especially for fruits and vegetables. A visit to the market (shuk in Hebrew), located between the Central Bus Station and the Old City, could be your first adventure in Israel. There you can cover all your fresh food needs: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, honey, eggs, meat, spices and baked goods. Note about seasonal fruits and vegetables: Some products are only sold at the time they actually grow.

Summer to Fall: mango, grapes, plums, figs, cherries, watermelon, melon and pomegranates Fall to Winter: squash, citrus, pomelos, apples, pears, sweet potato, pomegranates and broccoli Winter to Spring: strawberries and citrus fruits
Spring to Summer: peaches, nectarines, citrus fruits, cherries, apricots and watermelon

For packaged  goods,  like cereal and soft drinks, you may have to go to a supermarket.
Supermarket Directory: All supermarkets are kosher, except for Tiv Ta’am and Keshet Teamim.

Shufersal:  Many branches across Beer-Sheva: one in the Gimmel quarter close to the dorms (HaOrgim Street).
Mega: Three branches in Beer-Sheva: at the BIG, “Mega-Bul,” also on HaOrgim Street, just past the Shufersal on the right side, “Mega Ba’Ir” (more expensive branch located in Merkaz Oren in the Dalet quarter).
Tiv Ta’am: This is an expensive, non-kosher supermarket that is open 7 days a week. It has a large variety of international items that you will not find elsewhere, including non-kosher products such as pork and seafood. It is located on Derech Hevron, west of the BIG.
Eden Teva Market: Organic supermarket  with a wide range of international food items at a rather high price. The supermarket is located in the B7 Mall right next to the BIG under the bowling alley and also has a quick-serve restaurant. Machsanei HaShuk: Cheap prices, located just past the market on Beit Eshel St., can easily be combined with a market visit. Another branch is located on HaOrgim Street next to the other supermarkets in the Gimmel quarter.
Rami Levy: Cheapest supermarket, but located less conveniently at Mall 7 on Mevaseret Zion Street (close to the Old City).

Delivery: Major stores will offer to deliver your purchases for a small fee. When you arrive at the cash register, ask for a
“mishloach.” Be aware that the service is only offered until around 4 or 5 p.m. (even earlier on Fridays).

If you do not want to shop at Tiv Ta’am on Saturday, make sure to have enough food to get you through the weekend. Grocery shopping on Friday morning and Saturday night may be very chaotic with a sparse selection of items.

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Household Goods
The best place to shop for household goods is the BIG outdoor  shopping  mall. There you can find several hardware stores
that also sell basic furniture (i.e. Ace and Home Center). There are also various shops that sell houseware, such as cutlery and bedding. The Friday morning market and small shops in the Old City are the cheapest places to purchase such things.

The Akademon Student Store (in the basement of the Zlotowski Student Center) on the main campus is surprisingly useful and well-priced for school supplies, electronics, toiletries, etc.



Some of the clinics also have a pharmacy where you can purchase medication. Furthermore, you can buy your medication while shopping for toiletries at SuperPharm or NewPharm.  You will find branches in all shopping malls. The advantage of SuperPharm are its long opening hours.
SuperPharm branches
BIG outdoor  shopping  mall (open 7 days a week)
Kanyon HaNegev (closed on Saturday until the evening)
Soroka University Medical Center – in the Old Surgery Building (near the cafeteria)

There are several bike stores in Beer-Sheva selling new and second-hand bikes:
in the Old City on the corner of HaHalutz and Smilansky streets at the BIG outdoor  shopping  mall
TREK Bikes, 40 Derech Hevron
Adam and Eve Bikes, 26 Bialik Street (Bet quarter)
Bike Center, Merkaz HaNegev (off Massada St., Dalet quarter)

There are two main book retailers in Israel: Steimatzky and Tzomet Sfarim. There is a book store next to the Aroma Café on the main campus and right at the entrance to the Soroka University Medical Center on Massada Street. In addition, there are stores at every shopping mall.
Akademon Student Store (basement of the Zlotowski Student Center) Machsaney Chashmal (BIG)
BUG Electronics store at Kanyon HaNegev or Sderah Shvi’it (7th Ave) Big Box at the One Plaza