There are various religious communities around town. Even though the majority of the population in Beer-Sheva is Jewish or Bedouin, there are a variety of religious services and active groups (i.e. Roman Catholic and the Messianic Congregation “Nachalat Yeshua”). Please inquire at the front desk of the International Office if you would like to get in touch with a religious community.

The city of Beer Sheva has over 200 synagogues that include Orthodox, Conservative and Reform denominations as well as Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Indian, Hungarian, Romanian, Persian, Iraqi, Tunisian, and Ethiopian congregations. You do not have to be a member in order to join a service, all you need to do is walk in.

Jewish Communities that also offer religious services:
Chabad (Orthodox Jewish Community): Chabad is active on campus – please call (08) 623-3197
Beit Karov (“Jewish House”/ Meeting point for students) - Get in touch via Facebook.
Jeff Seidel Student Center (“Jewish House”/ Meeting point for international students) - get in touch by clicking here. There is no shortage of synagogues in Beer-Sheva, and you can easily find one in any neighborhood. Most synagogues are Orthodox, but there are also egalitarian services, such as Be’erot and Eshel Avraham (Conservative Synagogue):

A welcoming international Christian community is present in Beer Sheva.
Christian services, both Catholic and Protestant, are held as informal gatherings on Saturdays and Sundays.
A Christian Student Bible Study is meeting regularly on Tuesday evenings (in English). For more information contact:
Evangelical services are held every Friday at 17:30 during the summer (May to October) and every Saturday at 10:30 during the winter (November to April) in the Old City, HaAvot 15.
There are a number of mosques in the area including the Tel-Sheva Mosque in the Bedouin village of Tel-Sheva, as well as the Segev Shalom Mosque in the village of Segev Shalom.