​Where to get medical care in Beer-Sheva depends on your health insurance. If you are insured through an Israeli health insurance, you will most probably be entitled to use the services of one of the two main health funds: Maccabi or Clalit. This means you can get medical care at local clinics. There are clinics in just about every neighborhood and even on campus. Just call your insurance to locate the most convenient one for you.

If you are insured through your home country, you need to find a clinic that accepts private patients. Please ask the
International Office for help locating a doctor or clinic.

Even if you have made an appointment and arrive at the clinic on time, be prepared to wait. You may ask other patients what time their appointments were scheduled for, to establish your place in line. There is no obvious line and the doctor will not call your name. If no one is waiting in line, knock on the door, and the doctor will call you in.

Urgent CareEmergency Medicine
Nighttime Medical Center: Bikur Rofe, 9 Ben Zvi St. (2nd floor of the ‘Lev HaCity’ building,  opposite the Central Train Station) Phone numbers: (08) 665-5559, (08) 637-6435 and *6101, open in the evening and at night. You will be asked for a fee of approximately 80 NIS per visit. Ask for the doctor’s summary of the visit and a receipt of payment. Non-refundable.

Emergencies: The Emergency Room (Hebrew: Miyun) in Israel works differently than in other countries. If it is truly a life- threatening emergency, don’t hesitate to go to the ER. If it is not life-threatening (broken bone, minor accident, etc.), you may be charged around 1200 NIS if you do not have a referral from your family doctor, house-call doctor, or night clinic doctor. Keep your health insurance card with you at all times. It will significantly expedite things when you get to the hospital in case of an emergency.