In accordance with the new regulations from the ministry of Interior, doctoral students and Post Doctorate fellows can request a B1 visa, for their spouse without the need to obtain employment permits. The application for this visa type will be submitted to the Ministry of Interior in Beer Sheva, once both partners are in Israel.

The personal presence of both partners is required at the Ministry when the request is submitted.

The documents required for the application:

  1. Visa category change form
  2. An official document from the country of origin issued in the last six months confirming that the spouse does not have a criminal record or any convictions
  3. Copy of marriage certificate
  4. A confirmation from the university that the student is studying for a doctorate or post-doctorate degree
  5. A confirmation from the university that the student is receiving a scholarship for his/her studies or attesting to their means of income during the academic year
  6. Health insurance policy

Please make sure that the spouse's passport is valid for at l​east six month from the expiration date of the requested visa. The change of visa category includes a fee, as stipulated by the MOI. The final decision regarding the request will take into consideration multiple factors including stays in Israel. The visa granted will be valid for the duration of the partner's student current visa (maximum of one year) , the shorter of the two.