Bilateral agreements are contractual agreements created between two institutions that enable bilateral collaborations, and exchange of students and staff with some of the best universities in the world.

Bilateral Agreements BGU Student Exchange Programs are established tuition agreements between BGU and various host universities whereby students exchange places for one or two terms. For these programs you pay just your tuition to BGU (as you do now) while studying abroad. (Tuition fees may be very high in some countries!). Certain Universities (such as McGill University, Montreal - Canada) may also participate in travel expenses. Information on how to participate in Student Exchange
Student Exchange is open both to 1st degree as well as for 2nd degree, and PhD students.
On this website, information for outgoing students is ordered by continents and countries.
Under each country you will find:
  • General information on the country;
  • Information on higher education;
  • A short abridge of bilateral agreements BGU has signed with Universities in the selected country;
  • Funding opportunities;
  • Diplomatic representations;
  • Other interesting links.
Not all bilateral agreements include a mutual waiver of tuition fees, read carefully the agreement summary.

To gain access to the bilateral agreements you may be prompted for credentials.
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Bilateral Agreements: