The on-line criterions form (in Hebrew) for reporting eligibility for the annual grant was put together according to the version approved by the Budget and Planning Committee, and further approved by the University Senate at its meeting on November 12th, 2017. Please submit the form following these instructions.

The grant paid in the coming year is in lieu of  academic activities that took place during the 2019-2020 academic year (1.10.19-30.9.20). Any faculty member who worked at the university for at least 6 months in 2019-2020 is entitled to fill out the form.

Full-time faculty members at or above the rank of Lecturer are eligible for this grant. A faculty member who will be on sabbatical or unpaid leave during the 2020-2021 academic year will not be eligible for the grant for the duration of his/her sabbatical or leave. A faculty member who has left or will leave his/her position before 1.10.20 will not be eligible for the grant.

A faculty member who was on sabbatical or unpaid leave during the 2019-2020 academic year may report his/her eligibility for the grant on the basis of his/her academic activities in 2018-2019.

A faculty member who will begin his/her work at the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year will receive the grant in 2021-2022. A faculty member returning from an absence of longer than a full academic year will not receive the grant in 2020-2021. At the end of the year, s/he may report his/her activities for the 2020-2021 school year, and if s/he meets the criteria, s/he will be paid the grant twice in 2021-2022.

After completing the form, checking V in the declaration checklist and pressing “submit", the electronic form will be sent to your head of department for approval. There might be criteria which require the dean or rector's approval. Following their approval, the relevant systems (in Human Resources) will be updated according to the grant eligibility rate. Forms with 4 or more automatic criterias will be sent directly to HR (no need for head of department approval).

Please note that the information submitted by the faculty member might be subjected to further checks by the university.

Please submit the electronic form no later than September 30th, 2020.


The academic grant is awarded for academic activities beyond the regular teaching and research responsibilities that comprise the majority of the faculty member's work. A detailed clarification of what constitutes the regular responsibilities of a faculty member at the university, for which the faculty member is not eligible for the grant, can be found below.

Explanation of Regular Academic A​​​ctivi​​ties at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

(as defined for the purposes of the Academic-University Grant)

​The regular academic activities of a faculty member at the university are defined to include the following activities:​

1. Teaching:

The teaching responsibilities of faculty members include: frontal teaching, preparation of syllabi, evaluation of exams and written work, consultations with students, supervision and instruction of advanced students, and evaluation of master's theses and doctorates.

The amount of work commonly expected by the university for a faculty member on the regular track is comprised of 6-8 hours of frontal classes. Laboratory supervision, practica, and guided reading courses are considered frontal classes for this purpose. Supervision in the field and class excursions may also be considered frontal courses according to the established index. In any case, a faculty member who teaches more than 7 hours per semester (an average of 6-8 hours per year) may claim the seventh of the criteria below.

On the recommendation of the department head and with the permission of the dean, a faculty member may receive an exemption from up to half of the teaching requirements in a single semester, with the completion of a one-time project.

Faculty members who hold titled positions at the university may receive an exemption from some of the required teaching hours, according to the decision of the Central Committee.

The faculty dean, with the permission of the rector, may exempt faculty members from the required teaching hours, even without the substitution of a project as described above. 

2. Significant Research Activity:

A faculty member at the university must dedicate all of his/her available time to research, in addition to the time spent teaching and completing administrative tasks. He/she must make every effort to complete a research project and is encouraged to publish the results of this research in academic journals for peer review.

3. Administrative Academic Tasks:

Participation in the committees and institutions of the university, fulfillment of the academic functions for which one has been elected or appointed, participation in the appointment and promotion of colleagues, including the writing of evaluations for colleagues who are candidates for appointment or promotions, etc.

Administrative academic tasks beyond the scope of ordinary expectations will make the faculty member eligible for the appropriate criteria. Activities such as these include, for instance, participation in a central academic committee, according to the published list, in which one's activities have gone beyond the usual extent, and/or participation in at least two committees, and/or the completion of two other regular administrative academic functions as described in criterion 6 and supplement 1, attached below.

4. Miscellaneous:

For activities in which more than one faculty member is involved (not necessarily from the same institution), the activities must be split between all participants. For example, if two faculty members jointly teach a year-long course of 4 weekly hours, that course will be considered only 2 weekly hours per year for each faculty member.
Mentoring of advanced students is limited to an approved time span for each student – 2 years for a master's student and 5 years for a doctoral student.
Academic faculty work requires cross-pollination between its faculty participants and direct collaboration with students. For this purpose, it is critical that faculty members be present on campus to the extent necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.​

Declaration of Eligibility Criteria for the Academic-University Grant for Activities 2019-2020

​A senior academic faculty member on the regular track who is employed in a full-time position at the university and fulfills all the terms of regular employment will receive the full academic compensation if he/she fulfills four out of the following 11 criteria. A faculty member who fulfills three of the criteria will be entitled to 3/4 of the grant, one who fulfills two of the criteria will be entitled to 1/2 of the grant, and one who fulfills a single criterion (as detailed in the explanations below) will receive 1/4 of the grant.

A. Significant Research Activities

B. Research Support

C. Teaching

D. Promotion of Academic Connections to Society – Contribution to the Economy and to Society 

At least one of the criteria must be in category A – "Significant Research Activities." If further criteria are marked, at least one of them must be in categories B-D.

Please note: faculty members may not submit four criteria from category A.

An academic faculty member on the regular track, with the status of lecturer, and who fulfills all requirements for full-time dedication of time to the institution, will be entitled to the academic-university grant according to the criteria for the first six years of his/her employment at the institution, according to the following conditions:

2. If s/he fulfills three of the criteria described in this document, including at least one criterion from category A and at least one from categories B-D, and has submitted a 1- to 2-page report of research activities to the dean, s/he will receive the grant in full.

3. If s/he fulfills one criterion from category A, and has submitted a report as described above, s/he will receive 3/4 of the academic grant according to the criteria.

4. If s/he fulfills only one criterion, from category A, s/he will receive 1/2 of the academic grant according to the criteria.

The above, stated in reference to a lecturer, is also applicable to a senior lecturer in the first four years of his/her employment at the institution.

(A lecturer or senior lecturer may also choose to fulfill four of the criteria, as is mandated for the rest of the faculty, and thereby may exempt him/herself from the additional requirement to fulfill the conditions that constitute full-time dedication of time to the institution.)

For the on-line form (in Hebrew) - will be updated soon!

Academic Grant Form 2020

Academic Grant Form 2020


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