Valentine Mauchard Dumont and ​Philippe Mauchard​ serve together as Co-Presidents of BGU’s Belgian associates organization – Belgian BGU Bridge.

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Philippe Mauchard is a passionate intra- and entre-preneur in business-building services, working as a bridge between corporates and start-ups, between markets and innovation ecosystems, and between selected service providers (a.o. McKinsey) and those needing support.

Philippe, co-founder of McKinsey Solutions, scaled it to a group of 40+ subsidiaries and 1000+ employees.

He is also a Marketing Professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and a founder of Teach for Belgium. He holds a master's in commercial engineering from Solvay, and an MBA from INSEAD. Philippe is currently Managing Partner of The Bridge and a board member of various start/scale-ups.​

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Valentine Dumont Mauchard holds a master’s degree in journalism & communication from the University of Brussels and a rich curriculum of professional education in coaching and personal development. She began her career in advertising and promotions and now works in coaching and entrepreneurship, particularly through the company Magic Moment, which she founded with her husband Philippe Mauchard.
Born to a Jewish mother who survived the Holocaust, Valentine first became involved in Zionist activities as a teenager. Ever since, she has been deeply engaged with the Belgian Jewish community and several of its Zionist organizations. She visits Israel frequently for both personal and professional matters and is deeply committed to the development and prosperity of Israel.