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members of the Halutz cohort 1 visited Ben-Gurion's grave  in Sde Boker and heard a lecture

The Halutz Initiative for Global Leadership is an immersive program led by scholars and scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, which prepares a select group of promising individuals to turn their passions into practical solutions – for BGU, the Negev,​ Israel and the world.

Through virtual meetings and an intensive week-long seminar in Israel, the Halutz Initiative serves as an incubator for a new kind of pioneer: forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, socially minded supporters of Israel equipped with leadership qualities and a nuanced understanding of the most critical issues of the day.  ​

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For questions about Halutz or to express interest in membership, contact the head of your local BGU association or email Jeff Kaye, Vice President for Public Affairs and Resource Development at

Halutz cohort 1 walk across the DNA bridge during their visit to the campus in Beer-Sheva