Date & Abstra​ct​Speaker​Title
16.10.2018 Omer Tzuk, BIDR, Ben-Gurion University of the NegevThe Role of Self-Organized Spatial Patterns in the Design of Agroforestry Systems
23.10.2018 Oren Raz, Department of Physics, Weizmann Inst. of Science The Markovian Mpemba effect
6.11.2018​ Gil Ariel, Department of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan UniversityChaos and Levy walks in swarming bacteria
​13.11.2018 Moshe Deutsch, Department of Physics, Bar-Ilan UniversityLiquid interfaces: where order emerges from disorder
​20.11.2018 Mark Schvartzman, Department of Materials   Engineering, Ben-Gurion University of the NegevNanodevices for the Study of Immune Cell Function
​27.11.2018 Ed Narevicius, Department of Chemical Physics, Weizmann Inst. of Science​Quantum Scattering Resonances in Cold Molecular Collisions
​4.12.2018 Yonatan Sivan, Photonics and Electro-Optics Engineering Unit, Ben-Gurion University of the NegevNon-Equilibrium theory of hot electron generation in plasmonic nanostructures under illumination – thermal vs. non-thermal effects
​11.12.2018 Shira Raveh-Rubin, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Weizmann Inst. of ScienceThe role of dry air in frontal precipitation
​18.12.2018 Ofer Manor, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, TechnionSignatures of Van Der Waals and Electrostatic Forces in the Deposition of Nanoparticle Assemblies
​25.12.2018 Roy Mukamel, School of Psychological Sciences, Tel-Aviv UniversityNeural networks mapping actions to their sensory consequences
​1.1.2019 Tal Schwartz, School of Chemistry, Tel-Aviv University​Tailoring energy transport in molecules by confined photons
​8.1.2019 Yossi Paltiel, Department of Applied Physics, The Hebrew University of JerusalemThe Chiral Induced Spin Selectivity Effect (CISS)