​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The recommended way to access the library's online resources is via library's catgalog BGUse​arch  

The connectivity to the university proxy is embedded in the catalog, ​the access will require identification with the BGU account username and password.​


The connectivity to the university proxy is embedded in Google Scholar after setup.​​

LIBKEY - The browser plugin for easier full text downloads

Upgrading the remote access to download full text articles​

Downloading the LibKey plugin to your PC browser (not mobile devices) will allow you to easily access and download full-text articles.

To install LibKey –

Installation in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave & Vivaldi is simple!  Just visit  https://thirdiron.com/downloadnomad/  and click the icon for your browser. Your browser will then ask you to confirm.  Choose your Ben-Gurion University at the resulting LibKey interface and you are all set!

LibKey User Tutorial Video:  http://libkeynomad.com/

Other options - ​

Suitable for all browsers and handheld devices.​​

Suitable for all browsers but not for handheld devices.​

Access from Abroad
Wehn you are abroad with limited access to the University site, login via primo.bgu.ac.il.
For VPN connection use ​instructions​

* If you have the "Zotero" plugin clear the old address (ezproxy) in the "proxies" option.

​* If you encounter a problem it is recommended to clear your "cookies" history in the browser (go to "settings" and clear the "all time" browsing data.