​​The Medical Library:

The Medical Library, located on the grounds of the Soroka University Medical Center, houses books, periodicals, electronic databases and audio-visual materials in all fields of medicine.  For information on library hours and services, please see the Medical L​ibrary homepage.


Telephone: 08-6400517
E-mail: medlib@bgu.ac.il 


The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism Library ​

Located at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism, the Ben-Gurion Archives is one of the leading archives in Israel as a southern branch of the Israel State Archives. Since its establishment upon the Knesset passing the David Ben-Gurion Law (1976), the Archives has collected and compiled more than 5 million items that reflect the history of Eretz Israel from 1900 to 1973. Frequently visited by researchers and students from all over the world, the Archives pioneered in digitizing historical records and provides valuable and much-appreciated archival documents at the center of Sde Boker, Israel. ​. 

For information on library hours and services and to search the Institute's Ben-Gurion Database, please see the Institute Library homepage.                                                                  

Telephone: 08-6596944
E-mail: sifmor@bgu.ac.il
Head Librarian:  Mr. Yeffim Maghril​​l​​​


The Ben-Gurion Archives Online:

The Ben-Gurion Archives Online at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute and Research Center provide online indexing and access to the collection.  The archives, whose legal status is derived from the Ben-Gurion Memorial Act passed by the Knesset in 1976, are a branch of the Israel National Archives. Today they house more than three million pages of documents, including rare and unique items such as Ben-Gurion's personal diaries which cover over fifty years of his dynamic career in the Labor Movement, Mapai (his political party), the Jewish Agency, and the State of Israel. The archives also contain Ben-Gurion's letters, speeches, and articles, as well as protocols and correspondence from organizations and committees with which he was involved. Over 500,000 pages of text have been scanned, digitized and stored in the database as electronic records, text and images.  For further information on the Ben-Gurion Archives Online and to search their database, please see the Ben-Gurion Archives homepage.

Telephone: 08-6596956
E-mail: hanap@bgu.ac.il

Head of Infrastructure Information SystemDr. Adi Portughies

Content Manager: Ms. ​Michal Laniado

The Jane Schapiro Library: 

The Jane Schapiro Library of the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, S'de Boqer, was established in 1979 in order to answer the needs of the Institute's research staff.  The library's collection includes books, periodicals, reports, maps and special publications in all aspects of desert research, e.g., ecology, agriculture, botany, zoology, architecture, anthropology. For further information, please see the Jane Schapiro Library homepage.

Telephone:  08-6596712
 ​E-mail: libboker@bgumail.bgu.ac.il
Librarian-in-charge: Helen Feuermann