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French Associates Institute for
Agriculture and Biotechnology of Drylands

Spring Semester 2018

Seminars are held Wednesdays @11:30 in the Old Seminar Room

07/03/2018Assaf Gal, WeizmannCellular controls on mineral formation in phytoplankton
12/03/2018Noam Reshef, FAAB, BGU 
14/03/2018Oz Barazani, AROEcotypic differentiation in populations of Eruca sativa: Induced defense strategies and the adaptation to pollinators
21/03/2018Naomi Ori, HUJITBA
11/04/2018Asaf SukenickTBA
25/04/2018Silit Lazara, BGUThe proof is in the bulb: the metabolic background of lily development
02/05/2018Idan Efroni, HUJITBA
09/05/2018Hanan Sela, TAUConservation and utilization of cereal crops wild relatives
16/05/2018Iael Raij, FAAB, BGUTBA
23/05/2018Itzik Mizrahi, BGUTBA
30/05/2018Noam Alkan, AROAnthocyanin and phenylpropanoid role in fruit preformed and induced resistance
06/06/2018Buzy Raviv, FAAB, BGUNovel insights into the function of dead organs enclosing embryos of angiosperms
13/06/2018Adi Perelman, FAAB, BGUPlant Water-uptake Effects on Salt Distribution at the Root-Soil Interface
20/06/2018Michelle Arland, FAAB, BGU 

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