Topics being addressed in departmental laboratories span the entire size range of biology, beginning with
the determination of protein structures at atom-level resolution, continuing to the examination of single-celled
organisms and multi-cellular systems and reaching the study of whole animals and communities.

Areas of specialization:
In tackling questions related to protein science, microbiology, development, physiology, neurobiology, genomics, structural biology, ecology and other fields, Department of Life Sciences researchers rely on a wide variety of experimental systems, including Bacteria, Archaea, Yeast, Plants, Insects, Fish and other forms of marine life, and mammals, to unravel the mystery of life at the gene, protein, cell, system and organism levels.
As such, the on-going basic research efforts of department scientists are helping to provide solutions to problems related to the molecular basis of disease, cellular architecture, aging, life in extremes and wildlife conservation. At the same time, others are helping to advance aquaculture, to create enzymes capable of performing novel functions, to make biofuels and to develop an artificial visual system.


  • Full Tuition and Cost of Living Scholarshipsare available for excellent students.
  • Outstanding students may join the combined M.Sc.-Ph.D. track during the 2nd year of the M.Sc. studies. Students in this track join the Ph.D. program without submitting M.Sc. thesis. They will submit a single thesis, and will be awarded both
  • M.Sc. candidates are given the opportunity to work under the supervision of top-flight scientists using advanced laboratory equipment.
  • Length of program: The M.Sc. degree requires two years of full-time study.


    Admission Requirements
    • B.Sc. degree (or equivalent) from a recognized academic institution.
    • GRE is required when applying to the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
    • TOEFL is required when applying to the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences, Geological and Environmental Sciences (for students who completed their B.Sc. at an institution where the language of instruction is NOT English).