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Office of
International Academic Affairs

The Office of International Academic Affairs

Office location:
Building: 72
Floor: 5 1/2 (five and a half)
Rooms 564-574

Office hours: Sunday - Wednesday: 10:00 - 12:30,   14:00 - 15:00

For Visa and Health Insurance Matters:
Sunday - Wednesday: 08:45 - 10:30. It is also possible to schedule a personal meeting with Ms. Lior Rozenthal - Almoznino, Visa Coordinator
Tel.: +972-8-6461016, Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:

  • The Office of International Academic Affairs

  • Prof. Limor Aharonson-Daniel
    Vice Rector for International Academic Affairs
    Prof. Limor Aharonson-Daniel, Vice-Rector for International Academic Affairs is the founding director of the PREPARED Center for Emergency Response Research at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Limor has a B.Sc in Statistics from Tel-Aviv University and a PhD in Community Medicine from The University of Hong Kong. She joined BGU in 2008 after being the deputy director of The Israel National Center for Trauma and Emergency Medicine Research. In 2009 she opened and headed the Masters program in Emergency Preparedness and Response (Dept. of Emergency Medicine). She then became head of the department of Emergency Medicine (2011-2016).
    Limor is an expert in injury epidemiology. Apart from her contribution to international classification of injury, several of her studies resulted in innovative approaches and instruments to facilitate practically oriented studies of disasters and emergency situations. Among these are the Barell Matrix and the Conjoint Community Resiliency Assessment Measure (CCRAM). Limor has published extensively in peer reviewed journals and authored several book chapters both on Injury Research Methods and on Disaster Preparedness Assessment.
    As Vice Rector for International Academic Affairs and head of BGU International, Limor strives to increase the number of courses and programs taught in English at BGU, and to increase student and staff academic mobility and exchange..

    Tel.: +972-8-6461653, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
    Room 578
  • Dr. Stavi Baram
    Director of the Office for International Academic Affairs
    Dr. Stavi Baram is the Director of the Office for International Academic Affairs. Prior to this she served as the University’s Director-General’s Senior Assistant for seven years. She was also the founding Administrative Director of BGU’s Medical School for International Health in collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Baram holds a Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry, as well as master’s and undergraduate degrees from BGU.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428425, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
    Room 578
  • Ms. Einat Noy
    OSP Administrative Director
    Einat Noy is the Administrative Director of the Overseas Student Programs (OSP)at the Office of International Academic Affairs. She has diverse experience both in budget management and computer science. She brings her varied know-how, together with six years of experience as the Head of the Overseas Student Program, to her day to day work with international students. Einat holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and a master’s degree in and a Master degree in Business Management, both attained at BGU.

    Tel: +972-8-6461104, Fax: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
    Room 571

  • Prof. Carmi Korine
    Academic Coordinator
    Prof. Carmi Korine is the Academic Coordinator of the OSP, and his academic responsibilities include the OSP’s semester program and the shorter summer programs, such as the International Cyber Security and Machine Learning International Academic and Professional Program. Prof. Korine is a researcher at BGU’s Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research on the Sede Boqer Campus, which is home to a large number of international students. His primary research interests are physiological ecology, conservation biology, and animal ecology. Prof. Korine received his Ph.D. in zoology from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428578, Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
    Room 564

  • Ms. Yaffa Naftalovich
    International Academic Affairs Coordinator


    Tel.: +972-8-6479798, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
    Room 576

  • Ms. Lior Rozenthal - Almoznino
    Visa and Health Insurance Coordinator
    Lior Rozenthal Almoznino is an expert when it comes to visa processes and health insurance. Dealing directly with Ministry of Interior Affairs, and Ministry Foreign Affairs, Lior assists students with their visa applications. With 18 years of diverse cross- University experience, Lior brings a unique understanding of the system and a sensitive approach to the student individual. She holds a Bachelor degree in Hebrew Literature and Bible, and a Master in Public Policy and Administration, both from Ben-Gurion of the Negev.

    Tel.: +972-8-6461016, Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:
    Room 565

  • Ms. Nili Elimelech
    Visa and Health Insurance Coordinator Assistant

    Tel.: +972-8-6428574, Fax.: +972-8-6461681, E-mail:
    Room 565

  •  Ms. Laila Perelman-Soppi
    Incoming Students Coordinator
    Laila Perelman-Soppi is the International Students Coordinator for the Overseas Student Programs at the Office of International Academic Affairs. Laila is in charge of the Ulpan and semester abroad programs. Prior to this, Laila was an educator, English teacher and social coordinator in a boarding high school near Beer Sheva for several years. Her experience in the education field contributes to her work with students from all over the world who find their temporary home at BGU. Laila holds a BA in Education and English Linguistics from BGU and is currently doing a Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428579, Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
    Room 568

  • Ms. Karin Ziv
    Incoming Students Coordinator for Short-Term Programs
    Karin Ziv is the Coordinator for Overseas Students in BGU’s short-term programs at the Office of International Academic Affairs. Prior to this, Karin was Head of the chocolate brand section at one of Israel’s largest importers and has vast marketing experience. Her expertise is in the area of international markets, and she brings this multi-cultural knowledge to her current position. She holds an undergraduate degree in communications and sociology & anthropology from the Hebrew University and an MBA from BGU.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428713, Fax.: +972,8,6472948, E-mail:​
    Room 570 

  • Ms. Yaela Piterberg
    Students Exchange Coordinator & Department Administrator
    Yaela works at Ben-Gurion University for the last 18 years. Joined The International Office in 2015. Prior to this Yaela worked at the Dean of Students responsible for students tuitions and the recruitment of students tutors, and in the Faculty of Engineering. Yaela brings years of experience of working with students, and she is familiar with the different Academic Departments and Faculties of Ben-Gurion University, which brings extra value to the current position.

    Tel.: +972-8-6479798 / +972-8-6477679, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
    Room 574

  • Ms. Yael Maayan
    Head of International Summer University in German (Internationale Sommeruniversität)

    Tel.: +972-8-6428576, Fax.: +972-8-6428577, Cell: +972-54-7620576, E-mail:
    Room 509b

  • Ms. Maria Abel
    International Summer University Assistant

    Tel.: +972-8-6428576, Fax.: +972-8-6428577, E-mail:
    Room 509b

  • Ms. Judith Saban
    Mobility Coordinator
    Judith Saban is responsible for the outgoing students exchange of Ben-Gurion University and Erasmus+ agreements at the office of International Academic Affairs. Prior to this, Judith worked at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was in charge of Israelis candidatures at the UN. She holds a B.A in Social Sciences from Bar-Ilan University.
    Tel.: +972-8-6479798 / +972-8-6477679, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
    Room 574

  • Ms. Dana Stav
    Social Coordinator
    Dana Stav is the Social Coordinator for Overseas Students at the Office of International Academic Affairs. Prior to this, Dana was Co-manager and sales manager of a one-of-a-kind Israeli home-goods company. She holds an undergraduate degree in East-Asian Studies and Literature from Tel-Aviv University and graduate degree in Hebrew Literature from BGU.

    Tel.: +972-8-6479248, Fax.: +972,8,6472948, E-mail:​
    Room 566

  • Ms. Yael Livni
    Student Liaison

    Tel.: +972-8-6479248 , Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
    Room 566

  • Mr. Danny Sela
    Student Liaison

    Tel.: +972-8-6479248 , Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
    Room 566

  • Ms. Tal Givon
    International Marketing Director
    Tal Givon is the International Marketing Director for the Office of International Academic Affairs at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Tal brings her knowledge as a former international student, combined with her digital marketing and traditional marketing expertise in order to increase BGU's international student community. With over 10 years of accumulative marketing experience, an MBA from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Management in New York City, also known as the United Nation of colleges, Tal brings to the table a unique perspective and work ethic.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428399, Fax.: +972-8-6472948, E-mail:
    Room 573

  • Ms. Ada Morpurgo
    Information Officer and Web-Master
    Ada Morpurgo is the Information Officer and Web-Master for the office of International academic affairs. Responsible for creation, design and maintenance of the Office's website and EURAXESS representative. She was responsible for attaining relevant data sent to world University ranking companies. With cross-organization background, Ada worked at the R&D Authority as responsible for marketing, database development, contact person between researchers and funding sources and Web-Master. Ada holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's in Geology both from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

    Tel.: +972-8-6428234, Fax.: +972-8-6472891, E-mail:
    Room 576