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How to Apply


The Exchange Program allows BGU students to study abroad at universities with which BGU has signed an exchange agreement.

Exchange Students

BGU Students who are selected for the Exchange Program continue with their BGU degree, pay their regular tuition fees to BGU and are exempt from paying tuition fees at the host university. Thus, the Exchange Program becomes a part of their degree taken at BGU.

Students will have to go through a selection committee in which one of the main criteria for selection is academic excellence.

Who Can Apply?
1. B.A./B.Sc. Students, 2nd year and up
  - Average grade 80 and above
  - Required English level: Advanced B2 grade 80 and above or exemption from studying English at BGU.
    (Students currently taking English B2 course, may start the application process).

2. Master Degree Students
3. PhD Students

Students who have completed their requirements toward their degree can apply for the Exchange Program, providing they have been accepted to an advanced degree at BGU.

The Process:
Detailed explanations will soon be available...


List of Exchange Opportunities for BGU students

laste update: December 10th, 2018.