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Office of
International Academic Affairs

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev​

BGU was created in 1969 to transform the Negev, the large desert region in the southern part of Israel. Named after David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, BGU is dedicated to fulfilling his vision to make the desert bloom with agriculture, science, technology and innovation.

Today, some 40 years later, BGU is Israel’s fastest growing institution of higher education, most sought after by students and faculty alike, with an international reputation for multidisciplinary research, a modern 21st century campus and a dynamic student body.

Located approximately one hour's ride from Tel-Aviv, BGU remains true to its founding purpose by actively promoting high-technology, desert preservation, water resource management, alternative energy, international health services and education in the Negev region, while also building bridges of peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors through initiatives in science, research and development.

In the last 10 years, BGU’s student population has tripled to more than 19,000. Its diverse student body hails from cities and villages all over Israel and includes native born Israelis, Jews and Arabs, including Bedouins, as well as new immigrants from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union and other countries.
BGU is a known favorite among students and it is easy to understand why. A recent survey conducted by Israel’s Council for Higher Education, rated BGU the #1 university by Israeli undergraduate students, noted for its warm ambience and personal approach.

Not only do students from around the country come to BGU for academic opportunities, but also for its vibrant campus atmosphere. Students enjoy life on and off campus, with a variety of daily activities planned by student clubs and organizations.