​Avi Cohen

​Mechanical Engineering
​Dr. David Zarouk
​Implementation of Reinforcement Learning on a reconfigurable serial robot for optimal motion planning and for minimum energy consumption​
Shmulik Edelman
Mechan​ical Engineering

Prof. Amir Shapiro

Hyper Redundant Articulated Robot for NDT of Closed Complex Structures

Ben Harel

Ben Harel- PHD.pngbenhare@post.bgu.ac.il

Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Yael Edan

Intelligent decision making for a sweet pepper harvesting robot​

​Viviane Herdel

​Industrial Engineering and Management
​Dr. Jessica Cauchard
​Emotion Elicitation, Capture, and Influences in Human-Drone Interaction

Shanee Honig


Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Tal Oron-Gilad


Why Doesn't This Junk' Work?  Understanding and Resolving Robotic Errors in Personal Mobile Robots

Yogev Koren


Physical Therapy

Dr. Simona Bar Haim


Multidimensional perturbations program, for the rehabilitation of walking

​Shikhar Kumar

​Industrial Engineering and Management
​Prof. Yael Edan
​Understandable Robots
​Aviad Ozana

​Prof. Tzvi Ganel
​The processes that mediate visuomotor control towards 2D virtual objects

Inbal Paran


Physical Therapy

Prof. Itshak Melzer

Brain anatomy and connectivity following balance perturbation training in older adults - a Randomized Controlled Trial

Arseni Pertzovskiy


​Industrial Engineering and Management
​Prof. Roie Zivan
​Hardware Implementations of Distributed Constraint Optimization Algorithms

​Dan Rouven Suissa

​Industrial Engineering and Management
​Dr. Armin Biess
Deep Learning for Robotic Skill Acquisition  
Or Wertime

​Computer Science
​Prof. Ronen Brafman
​The Autonomous robot operating system- a robot-development and operating system that uses AI planning, automated monitoring, and machine learning

Oded Zafrani

Oded Zafrani- PHD.png

Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Yael Edan & Prof. Galit Nimrod


Older adults' interaction with robots

Tamar Dvir

Tamar Dvir- PHD.png


Dr. Ilan Dinstein


Movement characteristics of young children with autism


Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Tal Oron-Gilad

What does this robot look like? Industrial Design Tools to Improve Human-SAR Attachment

Daniel Polyakov
Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Dr. Oren Shriki
Dynamic Brain-State Modeling: from consciousness to brain-computer interfaces for robotic control
Shimon Regev

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Shai Arogeti

Design frameworks for multi-objective controllers with applications to autonomous vehicles