Coral Ben David

Industrial Engineering & Management
Dr. Raziel Riemer
Evaluation of passive exoskeleton for vertical jumping

Ayelet David​i Ayelet Davidi- MSC.png ayeletd@post.bgu.ac.il

Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Sigal Berman


Reducing compensations and pathological synergies in subject with stroke


Lee-Hee DroryLee-hee Drory- MSC.pngleeheed@post.bgu.ac.il

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. David Zarrouk


Wave-Like Motion on Compliant Surfaces


Dana ErezDana Erez- MSC.PNGdana.erez@gmail.com

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. David Zarrouk


A Two Vehicle Underground SLAM System


Asher FredmanAsher Fredman- MSC.pngasherfredman@gmail.com

Computer Science


Dr. Freifeld​​ Oren


Diffeomorphisms in Deep Learning


​Elias Goldsztejn​


​Computer Science​

 ​Ronen Brafman

​Development of asy​mmetric ​

Shir KashiShir Kashi- MSC.jpgshirkas@post.bgu.ac.il

Physical​ Therapy

Dr. Shelly Levy-Tzedek


A Machine-Learning algorithm for a closed-loop robotic rehabilitation system for stroke​

​​Joshua Shay KricheliJoshua-Shay.jpg

​​​​Computer Science​

​Prof. Gera Weiss and Dr. Shai Arogeti​

​Differential Games for Compositional Handling of Competing Control Tasks​​

Hadar LackritzHadar Lackritz- MSC.jpghadarlac@post.bgu.ac.il

Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Sigal Berman


Motion analysis of stroke survivors


​Son Quang Le


Industrial Engineering & Management

Dr. Avinoam Borowsky

 First person view (fpv) remote driving simulator

Yuval LitvakYuvalLitvak- MSC.pnglitvaky@post.bgu.ac.il

Industrial Engineering & Management

Dr. Armin Biess

& Dr. Aharon Bar Hillel



​Binyamin ManelaBinyamin Manela- MSC.pngmanelab@post.bgu.ac.il

​Industrial Engineering & Management

​Dr. Armin Biess

​Deep reinforcement learning for a robotic assembly task in simulation

Tamara MarkovichTamaratamaraa@post.bgu.ac.il

Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Tal Oron-Gilad


Feedback loop in HRI

Nir MeiriNir Meiri- MSC.pngnrmeiri@gmail.com

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. David Zarrouk


Flying, Driving and water crawling sprawl robot


Lily SrorLily Sror- MSC.pngsror.lily@gmail.com

Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Sigal Berman


Error augmentation for upper limb rehabilitation for stroke survivors 

Omri SarigOmri Sarig- MSC.pngsarigomr@post.bgu.ac.il

Industrial Engineering & Management

Prof. Yael Edan

Developing a Robotic System for Physical Training of Older Adults

​Roy Torin


​Computer Science
​Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar
​3D Puzzle Solving with Applications to Archaeology

Yarden ZoharYarden zohar- MSC.JPGyardenzo60@gmail.com

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Amir Shapiro

Robotic Manipulation: Task and Motion Planning