Applications for the next MBA International Program class are now​​ being accepted. 

​We welcome applications from all over the world.


​​"The most important investment you can make is in you​rself." -​Warren Buffet


 Admission requirement

אייקון מקבילית.pngUndergraduate Degree

אייקון מקבילית.pngHigh Academic Achievement

אייקון מקבילית.pngGMAT (overseas students only)

אייקון מקבילית.png​​High English Proficiency  

אייקון מקבילית.png​​Professional or International Experience

How do I apply to the MBA International Program?

1. Complete the Program's online eligibilty application form

2. Include all supporting documents 

3. Submit the complete application

4.  An interview will be scheduled 

Aplplication status

Eligibility to the MBA International Program is evaluated by the Program Admissions Committee based on the internal application form and an interview.

Eligible applicants will receive a formal letter from the program and will be redirected to the BGU Application Form to pay the registration fee and officially 

apply to the university. 

Please note: Confirmation of Eligibility to the MBA International Program does not guarantee acceptance to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.


Congratulations! You've been accepted!

In order to reserve your place in the incoming cohort, make sure to pay your first semester deposit as soon as possible. ​

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