Communication technologies have been leading the hi-tech industry for several decades throughout the world. Communication systems like the Internet, cellular phones, and wireless networks, are a part of everybody’s day-to-day life, and it is hard to imagine modern life without them.
A substantial part of the Israeli hi-tech industry is based on communication companies, which have an enormous success around the world, and some of the world’s leading communications and networking companies have set up R&D centers in Israel.
The Department of Communication Systems Engineering (CSE) was established in 1996 in order to answer a growing need of these leading companies, and produce engineers that are aware of all the aspects required by this industry, including hardware, software and communication technologies.
The department of Communication Systems Engineering is the the only department in Israel that is fully dedicated to the area of communication systems. This is reflected by both the unique curriculum of the undergraduate and graduate program, as well as by the research areas of its faculty.
The mission of the department is to produce engineers and researchers that can lead the field of networking and communications to new heights, design new technologies, and define the future.
Statistics (up to 2009):
When was the department established: 1996
Similar departments in Israel: None
Number of faculty members: 11
Number of graduates: ~900
Number of current undergraduate students: ~250
Number of current graduate students: ~40