The Department of Communication Systems Engineering is dedicated to training engineers that can initiate and lead the development of new technologies in the fields of networking and communications. In particular, a graduate of the department is:
      1. An engineer with a broad foundation in the basics of technological work, including physics, mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering. 
      2. An engineer that knows the internal aspects of hardware, software, and of the technology of which various communication systems consist of.
      3. A man with analytic abilities, experience in analyzing and solving complex problems, and equipped with a collection of tools and techniques which enable tackling complex technological tasks, especially in the fields of communications and networking.
      4. A man with social awareness, that is able to work as part of a group, and lead and motivate a team of colleagues.
      5. A man that is able to take on the study of new topics, and make them his own. A man that has a deep understanding of various aspects of technology.