​Prof​. Chen Avin 
Algorithms for communications networks and graphs, randomized algorithms, random graphs, distributed computing, information theory, social networks and complex systems. 
Prof. Natan Blaunstein
Wireless communication, satellite communication, cellular systems, electromagnetic wave propagation.
Dr. Yehuda Ben-Shimol
Computer networks, wireless and mobile communication, cellular systems, parallel and distributed computing.
Dr. Omer Gurewitz
Protocol design and performance evaluation in wireless and mobile networks, optimization
and operations research in computer networks.
Prof. Ran Giladi
Data Communication and Computer Network, telecommunications, network processors, Information economics, information systems and technology.
Prof. Ofer Hadar
Image and video processing, video compression, multimedia systems, multimedia communication networks.
Dr. Asaf Cohen
Information theory, coding theory and network coding, signal processing.
Prof. Zvi Lotker
Computer networking, distributed systems, mobile and wireless communication systems.
Prof. Michael Segal
Optimization and algorithms in ad-hoc and sensor networks, scheduling algorithms and resource allocation in wireless networks, distributed algorithms.
Dr. Dan Vilenchik
computational and statistical trade-offs, high-dimensional data analytics, combinatorial optimization,  average case analysis, random constraint satisfaction problems, and random graphs.
Dr. Niv Gilboa
Network security, cryptography and information security
Dr. Gabriel Scalosub
Network optimization, Computer networks resource management and Quality-of-Service (Q.o.S), router architectures, wireless networks.