Mar. 12, 2020
​27 February, 2020

Prof. Danny Chamovitz, President
Alberta and Henry Strage, Strage Foundation
Prof. Raz Jelinek, Vice-President for Research & Development
Prof. Haim Hames, Rector
Mr. Jeff Kaye, Vice-President for External Affairs
Mr. David Bareket, Director-General
Prof. Meidad Kissinger, 'Green Campus'

On behalf of the Strage-BGU Award committee (Prof. Orit Ben-Zvi Assaraf, Prof. Asher Brenner, Dr. Rachel Golan, Dr. Shirli Bar-David, Dr. Ofir Rubin, Prof. Yaron Ziv, Chairperson) it is a great pleasure for me to announce the 2020's winners of the Strage-BGU Award for Excellence in Environmental Sciences:

Vivian Mau and Amit Gross from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

The Award is given for the article: "Energy conversion and gas emissions from production and combustion of poultry-litter-derived hydrochar and biochar", published in the journal Applied Energy.

The winning article demonstrates that the conversion of poultry litter to renewable energy can offer a solution while concomitantly reducing environmental impact and reliance on fossil fuels.  This presents a promising approach toward environmental protection by minimizing negative effects on one hand while making use of the newly obtained products to save resources on the other hand.  (Please see the attached announcement document.)

In addition, the committee awards special Distinction for the contribution to environmental sciences of: 
Maya Negeva, Tamar Bermanb, Shay Reicherb, Maya Sadehc, Ruti Ardid and Yaniv Shammaid from (a) University of Haifa, (b) Ministry of Health, (c) Tel-Aviv University and (d) The Standards Institutes of Israel.

The special Distinction is given for the article: "Concentrations of trace metals, phthalates, bisphenol A and flame-retardants in toys and other children's products in Israel", published in the journal Chemosphere.
The special Distinction article indicates a lack of comprehensive chemical regulation and regulatory gaps, so toys and childcare products in Israel may contain high levels of chemical contamination, exceeding US or EU regulations.  The results of this study have prompted the development of an Israeli safety standard for children's jewelry.  (Please see the attached announcement document.)

The Award ceremony will take place in May /June.  More information on the ceremony date will be sent soon.

Congratulations to the winners!

Prof. Yaron Ziv

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