Fall 2020/2021​
Celebrating the careers of Prof. Burt Kotler and Prof. David Saltz​




March 2, 2021 

Claudia Allegrini, MDDE, BenGurion University

The effects of scale-dependent factors on bat communities in pine plantations and the surrounding matrix habitat

March 9, 2021 
*at 16:00

Wayne Getz, UC Berkley, USA 

A dozen years beyond the Getz-Saltz framework for generating and analyzing movement paths on ecological landscapes 

March 16, 2021 

Jan van Gils, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research 

​Global change ecology of migrant shorebirds 

March 23, 2021 

Joel Brown, University of Illinois Chicago, USA

Mechanisms of coexistence in natural and tumor ecosystems

​April 6, 2021 
*at 16:00

Hila Shamon, Smithsonian Conservation Institute, USA ​
​Restoring the Northern Great Plains 

​April 13, 2021 
Ran Nathan, Hebrew University

​High-Throughput Movement Ecology

​April 20, 2021 

​Christopher Dickman, University of Sydney, Australia 
​Predation and community structure in Australian deserts
​april 27, 2021

​Jana Eccard, University of Potsdam, Germany
​Fear and Biodiversity: tri-trophic effects of behaviour on Giving-up diversity 
May 4, 2021 
​Rob Slowtow, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
​Evidence-based best-practice management for African Elephant 
​May 11, 2021 
​Nancy Huntly, Utah State University, USA
​Understanding biodiversity, from mountains and deserts to people and cancer ​ 
​May 18, 2021 

​​Jorge F. S. Menezes, MDDE, BGU 

​Can Pu​mas protect water sources? Using habitat selection on an umbrella species to de​​sign reserves in Southeast Brazil​

​June 1, 2021 

​Reut Vardi, MDDE, Ben-Gurion University 
​The effects of habitat stability on animal behaviour
​​June 15, 2021  
​Orly Razgour, University of Exeter, UK
​​How can we use genomics to inform biodiversity conservation under global change? 
​June 15, 2021 
Special Seminar 13:00

​Einat Bar-Ziv, MDDE, Ben-Gurion University
​Anthropogenic resources and their effects on carnivores in Israel: community dynamics, movement patterns, and conflict mitigation